Colin Knep

Colin Knep left his body for new adventures on January 29th, 2019, at the age of 51.

Colin was a compassionate and creative soul who made the most out of his time here and deeply touched many hearts. He was a talented and prolific painter and brought his passions for exploration and expression alive through his art for over twenty-five years. He was also a psychologist and healer, an avid practitioner of yoga, and an advocate for justice and good will. In addition to his outward accomplishments, he was a gentle, generous, and caring human being with an infinite curiosity about life and a loving presence that he shared with those around him.

He is survived by his partner Paula, his father Stanley, his brother Michael and partner Tim, and his brother Brian and wife Natalie. His mother Barbara passed away in 2012. His departure was too soon, but his memory will continue to be an inspiration for those who knew and loved him.

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