Peter Alan Hoffman

Peter Alan Hoffman of Palm Beach, FL passed away on April 2, 2018 due to respiratory complications.  He was born June 6, 1945 in Hartford, CT to Ethel and Marvin Hoffman and grew up in Marblehead, MA where he attended Marblehead High.  Peter graduated from Calvin Coolidge College and received a masters degree from Boston University. Despite enduring Hodgkin’s lymphoma in his twenties and 10 years of chemotherapy, he lived a full life that included being a parole officer and owning and operating a lucite specialty firm, travel agency, a graphics business, and an auto accessory business.  He held a patent for the use of electroluminescent lighting, becoming the 3rd generation in his family to hold a patent. He was an avid crossword puzzler, punner, golfer (hole-in-one!), and general creative force. Wherever Peter went, he made fast friends with his humor, charm, and compassion. Peter is survived by his lifelong crew of friends from Camp Cedar (ME), best friends Kenny Smith and Judd Gould, and his loving family: brother Larry (Michele), nephews Zach and Matt (Ellen), nieces Celia and Isabel, and many cousins from the Weisinger family. A memorial service will be held May 12 in Palm Beach.


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